Four steps to insight-driven organizational growth

For more than a decade HH&P Executive Search has helped several of the fastest growing companies in Scandinavia reach their targets through our search, assessment and advisory services. During these years, we have found that a common denominator among a vast majority of our clients – regardless of their business sector – is that they are strongly data- and insight driven regarding sales, marketing and product development.

However, on daily basis we meet business leaders that still make emotional rather than rational decisions in connection to organizational development and recruitment. In other words, they are guessing.

Your own gut-feeling and the candidates’ track-record are not sufficient data points when building a state-of-the-art team, tailored for your company’s planned growth journey.  In order to know what you need and how to assess your future team members, you need to have a clear picture of where you’re going, what kind of team you will need to get there and, above all, you need to know where you are starting from.

In four steps, you can stop guessing and start practicing insight-driven organizational development:

  • Translate your owner’s agenda into organizational needs: Visualize what your organization will look like when your company has reached its current goals. What kind of management team will be needed to lead the way? What do teams that have succeeded with similar growth-journeys look like? Benchmark! Your company is unique but the different phases of growth are not.
  • Get to know your current management team: By performing a management team assessment you will be provided with insights regarding the team’s current composition, strengths, weaknesses and motivational drivers. The team’s potential to grow in line with the company’s strategy will also become apparent. Both on individual and team level.
  • Organizational roadmap: Your long-term organizational needs in combination with insights regarding the current management team will provide you the foundation for an organizational roadmap. This should always be integrated in your business plan. The map will give you a clear-cut plan of individual development needs, the team´s transitional needs and recruitment needs going forward. It will also help you prioritize your organizational actions.
  • Insight-driven recruitment: When new members are recruited to your management team, you assess them the same way as all current members of the management team have already been assessed. That way you will not only be able to predict their performance and growth within the company. You will also know how well their profile fits the current structure and correspond to the future needs of the management team. You will find that it is not always the candidate with the most impressive CV that is the most optimal fit in your team!

Are you ready to stop guessing and start knowing when building your team? Contact us.